Clear a path for new

opportunities in 2022! declutter, clear & activate your space with feng shui

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Laura & Anjie at a live online lunar new year's eve workshop and presentation.

This package includes space clearing techniques, Feng Shui activations and meditations to clear the energy in your home and access to a live personal qi clearing session plus an extra bonus offer and download

What Anjie & Laura will teach you in your

2022 Energy Reset Package

Declutter with the Bagua

Simple Space Clearing Techniques

Activate the Qi with Color

Zodiac animal review for 2022

Personal clearing qi workshop

Welcoming the Wealth Gods

What is included in your package:

Available immediately after purchase:

  • VIDEO: declutter and reset with Feng Shui Laura & Anjie guide you through what to focus on when decluttering your home using the Bagua
  • VIDEOSimple space clearing methods to clear the energy in your home Laura will demonstrate how to clear the qi in your home using sound, scent and intention
  • AUDIO: Guided meditation with Anjie - Amplify the Energy in your Home with Color for 2022. Anjie Cho has created a beautiful space clearing and blessing that combines the feng shui bagua map with a color visualization meditation
  • VIDEO: Your New Years Reset Journal & Checklist with Anjie. Anjie will walk you through how to get the most out of your reset journal
  • Downloadable journal & checklist: Your 2022 New Years Reset Journal

RECORDED Lunar New Years Eve Workshop with Laura and Anjie: 
  • Welcome the Year of the Water Tiger: a review of the zodiac animals for 2022
  • the Golden Cicada Ritual: a traditional Black Sect Feng Shui personal qi clearing
  • Virtual Meditation: Welcoming the Wealth Gods to invite in abundance
Course access expires February 15, 2022

This course is closed for enrollment.