Mindful Design School's 

Annual Energy Reset Package

Clear & activate your space with Feng Shui for 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

Celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon with Laura & Anjie 

This package includes space clearing techniques, Feng Shui activations and meditations to clear the energy in your home and access to a personal qi clearing session plus an extra bonus offer and download

Orange Peel Blessing

Reset Journal & Feng Shui New Year Checklist

Guided Meditation

Zodiac animal review 2024

Golden Cicada Qi clearing ritual

Welcoming the Wealth Gods

What is included in your package:

A beautiful space clearing and blessing visualization meditation. Simply sit back and listen to the recording.

New Year Journal & Feng Shui checklist

Inspirational desktop wallpaper

Downloadable PDFs: Orange Peel Blessing & Personal Qi Clearing

Personal qi clearing workshop

You also get a seat at the live online Lunar New Years Eve celebration with Laura and Anjie. What we will cover in this workshop: 
  • Year of the Wood Dragon: a review of the zodiac animals for 2024
  • Clear your energy and prepare for 2024
  • Golden Cicada Ritual: a traditional Black Sect Feng Shui personal qi clearing
  • Virtual Meditation: Welcoming the Wealth Gods to invite in abundance
  • This workshop is live online Feb 10th - recording will be made available

Entire Course and access expires March 10th 2024

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