Q. Do I need a background in feng shui or interior design?

A. This is program is for beginners as well as feng shui experts. No prior experience with feng shui nor design is required.

Q. Is this a interior design program?

A. No, this is a feng shui certification program. We teach you to the tools to become a feng shui consultant and practitioner. You can absolutely use this in conjunction with other careers and certifications. However, you will not learn how to become a interior designer.

Q. I am a longtime mindfulness practitioner and teach mindfulness. Can you speak to how you incorporate mindfulness into your course?

A. Mindfulness and meditation are two of the foundational principles in the Mindful Design approach. Anjie and Laura are long time meditation practitioners and emphasize the importance of mindful meditation to cultivate the qi of each of our students. Our approach focuses on the importance of paying attention to the details in our physical, emotional and energetic spaces in order to support and create holistic lives.

Q. What are the graduation requirements?

A. Requirements:

  • Timely submission of your final project: 10-Minute presentation
  • Two case studies (a report on two feng shui consultations)
  • Attendance at all the classes (if you miss classes, you can watch the recordings)

Q. What is an example of a Final Project

A. Examples:

  • Research something you are interested in and align it with feng shui principles
  • Compare and contrast case studies
  • Examine the feng shui of a neighborhood
  • Explore the history of some aspect of feng shui

Q. Who were our teachers?

A. We have the blessing and support of our teachers: Steven Post, Barry Gordon, Rosalie Prinzvalli and Katherine Metz. We both graduated from the BTB Master Training Program, a 3-year live program in NYC.

Q. Is there continuing education after this certification?

A. Yes! We have an optional weekly mastermind group for all grads called the Mindful Design Community Collaboration to offer our grads further mentors and support. But no further study is a requirement, with your Mindful Design certification, you will be fully equipped to offer feng shui consultations as a service.

Q. Do you have to buy any tools to complete certification?

A. We will recommend tools and books, however none are required.

Q. Is this course recognized by any group or association?

A. Yes, we are an approved Gold Level feng shui school with the International Feng Shui Guild.

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